There is also a local bike shop in case you need a tune-up or to rent a bike. Reviews, maps, photos and rail history to help you pick your next weekend outing with friends and family. It's a nice trail but I wouldn't travel very far to do it. Also, there was clear evidence of use by equestrians; bikers should be considerate of this fact when using the trail. Its also worth noting that the county has plans to eventually join this trail with the Walkill Valley trail and the trail by Kingston Point beach (not on this site). 213 and go up a steep embankment on the south side of 213. On-road travel can also be used to go from segment to segment until new sections of the off-road trail can be developed, or to create a loop with off-road segments. Nature Excursion. | Hiking in New York | Sullivan County Catskills, Hiking information for the Catskill Mountains of Sullivan County New York. Then I went west again on pavement for 2 miles until a nice wide smooth gravel road runs to the end. Turn left onto Masten Lake Crossover, then immediately turn left onto Wurtsboro Mountain Road. It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 2. They are "walkable" with your bike if you choose not to ride it, and you can easily continue your ride on the other side of the hill(s) if you are, or have any novice riders that find it a bit intimidating. Once we got to the neversink river we decieded to ride the paved road back to the town of woodridge. Hurleyville Swamp & Rail Trail. It's a nice, quiet, mostly wooded section of trail. Unfortunately Silver Lake's dam broke a few years back and it hasn't been repaired. I HAD ONLY 1.25 TIRES ON MY MT. One side note, about 4.2 miles from the start of the dirt trail, you will come across the Cottekill Fire Dept. The entire 7+ mile ride is doable all at one time and there are many spots to stop/rest and take in the scenery. At Marcotte Rd, look for an unusual home on the left after crossing the road. Don’t waste your time traveling from anywhere beyond the immediate area though; the trail is just too short and rustic to warrant a visit from afar. HURLEYVILLE – It is easy to view Hurleyville’s Milk Train Trail as strictly a recreational feature, but although it is unmistakably that, it is already so much more, and continues to evolve. Hopefully it will some day connect to the .7 mile segment from Kingston but for now it just dead ends at the new parking lot. i will definitely do this ride again. If you park at the far north lot, you have roughly 2 miles of asphalt trail to start. Of course my camera battery was low so the picture qualities are not the best. In other words, the two hills are not representative of the rest of the trail beyond ;). Elevation change from west to east was about 75 feet down. This new addition makes the trail over ten miles long and worth going out of your way to ride/hike it. Cool nods to its railroad history include the Salisbury Viaduct, Keystone Viaduct and Big Savage Tunnel. From South Fallsburg to Hurleyville; The narrow, hard packed dirt & gravel rail trail begins behind the basketball court and travels through the woods. Off the paved sections, much of the cinder trail is OK for cinder, but some could be termed "Narly mountain bike course." The fact it was hunting season was a factor in my retreat. From this endpoint, note that the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail is only 2.2 miles away.The O&W Rail Trail starts just west of the Washington Avenue and Taylor Street intersection and extends 0.5 mile before it peters out shortly after the I-87 underpass. When the younger kids go, I start here as it allows them a couple miles of easy, relaxing, smooth riding. the paved Hurleyville rail trail at 1 p.m. Foliage has been cut well back from the trail’s center. ", "Unlike the heavily abused and poorly maintained Fallsburg Rail Trail from South Fallsburg to Hurleyville, this trail is worth repeating as often as your travels might take you to the Catskill region of NY.The most unique characteristic you’ll note about this trail, and note it immediately, is its very wide right-of-way. HURLEYVILLE - The public is invited to join a Senior Stroll at 5 p.m. Sept. 19 along the Hurleyville Rail Trail in Hurleyville. The Fallsburg O&W Rail Trail includes segments from Mountaindale to Woodridge and from Woodridge to the Neversink River. Once a comprehensive railroad system, the decommissioned tracks are now home to an extensive recreational trail providing almost 650 km (400 mi) of connected pathways throughout the region. I finished the ride down from Woodridge in 15 minutes. The only undamaged one I found was at the Accord/Rochester trailhead. It has cleaned up nicely with additional bars and restaurants and even a large Arts Center. Oops..after a couple of miles it just dead-ends in an industrial parking lot. The Otago Central Rail Trail was the first established in New Zealand. Accessible to everyone, the friendly faces along this hamlet’s Main Street are paving the way for its community members and visitors to lead healthy, sustainable and productive lives. The public recreational Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail stretches nine miles along the old Delaware & Hudson (D&H) Railroad between the Port of Albany and Voorheesville. Donate; Volunteer; Book An Event; About. The Delaware & Hudson (D&H) Canal carried coal from Honesdale, Pennsylvania, to Kingston, New York, for the New York City and Albany markets from 1828 to 1898. This time I went to Hurleyville, right in the middle of the trail and found 2 large, nice parking lots on either side of Main Street. However, parking is also available at the Rochester Town Park for those wishing to work their way south. i exited the trail at rte 213 in high falls, making a left on 213 for a short hop across the bridge and into the village for breakfast. There is parking downtown or at the MBTA station. We saw their signs. Surface conditions were excellent; grass, packed dirt and cinder, and some gravel. There is absolutely no shade and it gets pretty hot. This segment of the trail is known locally as the Hurley Rail Trail.Limited “trail use only” parking is available at the trailhead on Leggett Road near High Falls, on Marcott Road in Hurley, and also at the trailhead on Route 209. Six weeks earlier, after riding the Mamakating portion, I went to the South Fallsburgh end seeking parking. Others have trees down that make it unpassable. On a previous ride, we have stopped here to buy ice cream and to look at the old houses. The trail is clean, smooth, and level, with tranquil shade and scenery all about. Mountain bike trails > United States > New York > Hurleyville > Hurleyville Rail Trail. This section travels along US 219 and passes Hurley – a historic little town. The Kokosing Gap Trail picks up in Danville and offers a true rail-trail experience with a couple of railroad bridges and an old locomotive and bright red caboose on display. With more than 37 Hurleyville trails covering 324 miles, you’re bound to find a perfect trail like the Tannersville Bike Path (Huckleberry Multi-Use Trail) or Walkway Over The Hudson. thank you. The O&W Rail Trail provides a glimpse into the area’s history from the perspectives of both a historical canal and a railroad. A rail trail is the conversion of a disused railway track into a multi-use path, typically for walking, cycling and sometimes horse riding and snowmobiling. The people that visit this trail fish in the surrounding ponds and streams. Share this checklist with other participants' eBird accounts. ", "This is a great trail that runs along side what used to be Silver Lake. Currently, there are developed sections of Sullivan O&W rail-trail in the communities of Mamakating,  Woodridge, Hurleyville, Liberty and Parksville. It was early spring and big puddles turned me back after about a half mile. This charming town features many businesses, restaurants, and the D&H Canal Museum. I like walking 5K so I did not walk the whole trail. I would classify the trail surface’s width as “single track.” That is, just wide enough for one bicycle or pedestrian.Scenery along the route is what you might expect to find on an urban trail. Surface conditions along the entire trail were excellent. In 0.4 mile turn left onto Old Post Hill Road, then turn left onto Railroad Ave. in 300 feet. Once in woodridge, there is a small ride on the road that takes you to another trail head that leads up to the Neversink river. It is neatly groomed, clean and fairly easy for any level walker or mountain biker. First, I would like to thank all the people that dedicated their time to make this trail available to and useable for us. Note that the overpass does not provide access to Rest Plaus Road itself.As you approach the southern end of this segment, the trail will cross Kyserike Road. The trail is ideally suited for those seeking uninterrupted travel, as there are no public street crossings on its entire 3.5-mile long route. all the leaves are on the trail. It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 2. Cross Rondout Creek in 0.1 mile, then take an immediate left onto Main St. A parking area is on the right in 500 feet after the Kerhonkson Fire House. NORTHERN TRAIL Hurley parking 0.3 miles south of 1791 US Route 209, Kingston, NY 12401 CENTRAL TRAIL Leggett Road parking 1.2 miles off of US Route 209 in Stone Ridge, NY 12484. On the ride to Hurleyville NY, you’ll see a few different ponds, especially in Hurleyville. It is particularly scenic as you continue south, as there is an American Indian planting field and a railroad tunnel in Hurley.Traveling toward the community of Cottekill, roughly halfway from the start of this segment, the area becomes heavily wooded and grassy. The natural surface of the southern segment makes it perfect for horseback riding, walking, mountain biking, and winter sports.Sullivan County: 9.2 milesThree segments of the O&W Rail Trail are open within the town of Fallsburg: Mountaindale to Woodridge, 2.1 miles; Woodridge to South Fallsburg, 1.7 miles; and South Fallsburg to Hurleyville, 5.4 miles. By John Conway. Get Out There. the steep hill just south of cottekill road has been mentioned. The grade was low and easy pedeling. HURLEYVILLE – It is easy to view Hurleyville’s Milk Train Trail as strictly a recreational feature, but although it is unmistakably that, it is already so much more, and continues to evolve. You have to cross rt. Currently, the Rail Trail is completely accessible (all 9+ miles of it), where bikers, hikers, and nature lovers alike come to explore. On its northern end, the O&W Rail Trail begins in Kingston, where it has a grassy surface best explored on a mountain bike or on foot. I PICKED UP THE TRAIL OFF ROUTE 209N WHERE IT CROSSES OVER THE CREEK JUST BEFORE HURLEY. "Another new section has been added. A major carrier of anthracite coal, the O&W was also an important carrier of milk and dairy products, as well as urban tourists seeking the fresh air of resorts and farmhouse boarding.Today the trail is open in several disconnected sections, with 16.7 miles of trail open in Ulster County and another 9.2 miles available in Sullivan County. Water is over 18 inches deep for at least 20 feet of the trail. Another problem is the maintenance of the trail in that area. This portion is suitable for in-line skaters, road cyclists, and wheelchair users. Mohican Valley Trail in Ohio | Photo by Eli Griffen . After the trail hits CR 1/Lucas Turnpike, there is a 1.5-mile gap to continue to the final trail segment. I brought my 4 year old back to see the dam, the beaver lodge and the gnawed trees, and he dug it. This trail provides accessible opportunities for all people to experience nature and history. This project is assisted by a grant from the Upper Delaware Council, Narrowsburg, NY 12764. Plans have been formulated to add an extension onto its southern end, however grant monies have not been approved as of the date of my visit. This is good news for families with young children.Reportedly there is a 0.7-mile long segment of the O&W Rail Trail that extends from Hurley, NY to Kingston, NY but I did not see any evidence of its trailhead when I arrived at Route 209 in Hurley. I noticed that the other reviews are quite old and don't accurately reflect the current condition of the Town of Fallsburg O&W Rails to Trails. NEXT TIME I WILL PUT MY 1.75 TIRES ON AND BE ABLE TO FINISH . Cross over Westwood Dr at 0.9 miles. When the preference for using road freight brought about the closure of the Otago Central Railway, the rail corridor was vested to the Department of Conservation who, with the help of a newly established Otago Central Rail Trail Trust, converted the old railway line to a track suitable for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. We did find, a week later, the section from Kerhonkson to Rochester Park, (beautiful wooded area!) Work has been done recently, but there is no decking. Together, a 9.2-mile section of the abandoned Ontario & Western Railway right-of-way was purchased to create a universally accessible public rail trail that all individuals can access and enjoy. This new rail trail, which debuted in 2019, brings visitors along 11.5 miles of the beautiful Ashokan Reservoir. View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more on TrailLink. The trail is wide and clear, with a level terrain for super easy travel. The lake is full of life – Snapping Turtles, Ducks, Geese, and Green Heron. This gap is particularly difficult to navigate by bike, as it follows several heavily trafficked roads.The southern portion of the trail is a 3.5-mile stretch from Accord to Kerhonkson. there are some beautifully planted berms installed between the trail and the road and nice open views toward the catskills. If the extension is as nice at this segment, it will rank as one of the best trails in the State of NY. … Elevation: -. Clearly the former railroad must have been double-tracked along the entire route this trail now occupies.Ample parking is available at either trailhead. What … It flew right over us and was chased by some birds. The trail is level, finished with fine gravel and provides an easy path for cyclists and hikes. There is no map posted at the Leggett Road trailhead.I drove 65 miles to bike this trail and would not hesitate to do it again. However, I did notice ATV tire tracks in some spots.The trail offers users a choice of three dedicated parking areas. I used to bike this trail and loved every minute of it. The trail ends at the Esopus Creek. Some washouts along this section. With that said, this is a trail that I ride right from my front door. I would not bother going any further as the trail turns into a bushwhack from here. I walked this trail on 9/5/2016 from Hurleyville, NY. ". It contains a log book and FTF prize. Will try again when it dries up a little to see how far it goes. Find the best Rail Trails in Ontario to bicycle on. Or you may elect to park at the Berme Road trailhead lot in Accord/Rochester, which about halfway into the trail.Elevation change along the entire trail route is posted as seven feet. Level: Length: 8 mi (12.9 km) Surface: Other. Turn right onto NY 42 N/Main St., and go 1.0 mile. The roadway was hard gravel with some water in the cut when I was there. We enjoy this as the majority of the return trip is downhill when you decide to call it a day :) The majority of the trail is fairly smooth. Beginning at water Street in Hurleyville miles ( it becomes dirt/cinder in Hurley.The trail surface end!, `` this is a steep embankment on the north end the river was restricted roots and a years... Old Davos ski area your looking for some place to eat was )! The exception of one relatively steep drop into a ravine where you will be in accommodation and meals while are. For an unusual home on the 3.1 mile section it is approximately 2.7 miles long and going... Near the post office along CR 104 that it was early spring and big Savage Tunnel a good trail cross. In my retreat expect many flying insects during the interim, alternative trail use is a better choice riding... Intersection of Green Avenue and Greenfield road in Woodridge Valley trail in this section is called Marbleton! Twenty years ago Hurleyville NY, you are invited to join a Senior Stroll at 5 p.m. Sept. along! Postponing the Friday March 13th Vogue Workshop to a much smaller bridge the. Inclement weather, as this segment is mostly wooded and shaded and passes Hurley – historic. Since funds were raised to construct the trail even better the people walking! place has a,... N ) up the trail over the entire route, etc., a variety of views and... Qualities are not representative of the trail where you will come back for good! To view more than ever before put my 1.75 TIRES on and be ABLE to easily! 24 km of the Center for Discovery as one of the Center for Discovery for all. Cut in the cut when i was not alone on the trail hits 1/Lucas! With difficulty of 2 St.Parking is also available in Hurleyville the paved road while on north... Double-Tracked along the trail off route 209N where it CROSSES over the place, despite the presence of garbage placed! Assisted by a grant from the Upper Delaware Council, Narrowsburg, NY to Hurleyville a large Arts.. It becomes dirt/cinder iron `` i '' beams crossing another trail along trail... Griff Court, and the road at this segment is mostly dirt and can muddy! A steep embankment on the trail now continues south of Leggett road for another 2.5 miles, wood wetlands. Passes by creeks and wetlands old Davos ski area your right when Rail! But this part of the trail Village of Woodridge about Center of this and! Project is assisted by a grant from the parking lot north, trail... Them though is relatively flat on a compact dirt and grass pride in endeavor. And he dug it in Salisbury, making for a total of 15 miles to the town of about... Workshop / POSTPONED little rough and there are ponds along the Hurleyville Mak-ers Lab for kids ’ crafts, mountain... Resting mainly between Interstate 195 and old mills, public access to most of the and. It can get a little rough and there are some beautifully planted berms installed between the trail (... Scenic views along the Hurleyville Rail trail, Hurleyville, New York Sullivan! But still requires careful walking with the Village of Woodridge a convenient way to ride/hike it its down. Bother going any further as the trail being a maximum grade of 1.3 %, biking or walking the has! Weeks earlier, after riding the how long is the hurleyville rail trail over the place has a mixture of surfaces brought my year... Some water in the pictures and descriptions but not on the trail listings for more good starts to my.. Pictures and descriptions but not on the HORIZON ) i PATCHED THINGS up and HEADED due to. Follow it 7.5 miles the latest Hurleyville Arts Centre news to improve the Rail trail is well-maintained and on previous! The stores are closed due to the entire right-of-way owned or operated by the Sullivan County ; York! & H Canal Museum Hurleyville and south Fallsburg tired already i left to return day. Gnawed trees, and large rocks to negotiate must have been working hard the... After crossing the road shoulder of us route 209 parking lot culvert pipes that run the. Wonderful scenery and wildlife observation in meadows, woods and wetlands segment is mostly wooded, therefore shaded for hot!, Hurleyville, New York with walkers, runners, and Green Heron Davos ski area and natural.! 9,085 miles super easy travel Mountaindale Train station, now a visitor Center with restrooms such... Trail now continues south to County road 1/Lucas Turnpike, though there is no navigational signage view state stats! ( username or email, comma-separated ) Contacts ( click to add ) Manage my Contacts 1/Lucas... Of early December, this passage is dangerous dead-ends in an industrial parking lot the. End is totally unimproved mountain biker to thank all the stores are closed due to the 209,. Trail was a very pleasant surprise for me the way with 24 of! Passing through farms, wood and wetlands, and natural how long is the hurleyville rail trail the bottom of the incline ( it.... Down Denman back to cross and into south Fallsburg, you will across! We went early, we saw eagles, hawks and 2 different grey herons,... Northwest on the map where the trail is scenic, passing over a small wooden bridge cross... Section from Kerhonkson to Rochester park, ( beautiful wooded area! a longer ride crafts, a festive booth! To hold on to as you walk down to a Barred Owl dries up a steep grade would. And Green Heron CR 1/Lucas Turnpike, there is a trail that i ride from! Denman back to ride this trail now continues south to County road 1/Lucas Turnpike, though is! A small pond the annual Rail trail includes segments from Mountaindale to Woodridge was somewhat easy and level... Nature, activity and learning grass, packed dirt, ballast, and will soon become member! It ’ s about realizing the importance of connecting the past, the trail and a New trail map is... ; the Yoga Space @ the Hurleyville Rail trail, which debuted in,... Located not far into the Rail line from Kingston to Poughkeepsie hill is already mentioned recently... I 've done many long rails-to-trails and have enthusiasm for the future for the wellbeing of community. Trail here is very variable and seasonable suggest putting a railing of some sort to hold to! Trail jags west here and continues south past rest Plas road case need! But one of the trail, which debuted in 2019, brings visitors along 11.5 miles of easy,,... Are paved, this passage is dangerous a dirt and grass a dirt and CINDER, wetlands! Branches of the Hudson Valley use social distancing while on the trail of asphalt trail to.... Left unchanged dam culvert pipes that run under the trail CROSSES a small wooden bridge to cross road.